Surviving a Seller’s Market: Buyer’s Cheat Sheet

Have you noticed that homes seem to be selling quickly?  Demand is high, homes are going fast and sellers are in control.  The signs of it being a Seller's Market seem to be clear in our area...Homes are selling for more than the list price and inventory does not stick around long.  High end properties even in a seller's market may stick around for a while, but the rest of the inventory moves fast.If you are shopping for a home has a few tips to prepare you to survive and be on top of the current … [Read more...]

Did you hear…? EVANS, GA Ranked Top 50 Best Small Towns in America

    EVANS, GA has done it again!!! Money Magazines Top 50 Best Places to Live America's best small towns "America's top 50 small towns are not only thriving economically, they’ve also got all you could want in a place to raise a family: plenty of green space, good schools, and a strong sense of community." These awards never get old, but let's be honest, as a resident of Evans, it never surprises me when we  add another award to our shelf.  With incredible schools, lots of green … [Read more...]