Selling your home includes everything from pricing it right, staging it for buyers to feel at home and choosing which offer to accept.  Our team of agents can help you from beginning to end.

Here are a few steps you can take to get ready for selling your home…

1. Find out the worth of your home.  You can do some research on your own or you can fill out our What’s My Home Worth? form and an Agent will contact you to discuss it.

2. Start spring cleaning by doing a deep clean of your house and a deep declutter of your belongings.  Not only will this prepare you for moving but it will make your house much more presentable to potential buyers.  Don’t forget to open the curtains, wash those windows and dust the blinds, natural light is your friend.

3. Stage your home.  Have an agent or professional stager walk through your home for an objective look at how furniture and decorations are placed.  You want home-buyers to see maximized space and be able to picture themselves in your home.  Stagers and agents have a knack for this.

4. How is your curb appeal?  First impressions are lasting so brush up your landscaping and possibly add a few shrubs or flowers to make your house look inviting.

5. Make necessary or value adding improvements.  There are some inexpensive improvements that can immediately add value to your home, light a fresh coat of pain. Since not all improvements bring instant value, discuss this with your Agent.


Check out our Seller FAQ for some frequently asked questions from other sellers.

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