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Bob Viger

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Bobby V, Bob, Bab, Mr Bigger...Bob has so many nicknames from so many places! He's referred to as all of those very affectionately.

Passionate about the outdoors, grilling and his family you'll often find him combining all 3!  His 4 kids have taken on the same love for being outside, exploring and enjoying a good meal with great friends!

Real estate has been part of his life for 10 years through his amazing wife Jenny. Licensed on his own for years now, he may not admit it but has learned everything he knows from her! If you're looking for someone who will work hard to help you find the home of your dreams, Bob is a great one to call on.  His persistence, dedication and genuine care for people sets him above many.

He's won the self-proclaimed college kung-fu champion title(you can print anything from the internet these days). Whether looking to purchase or sell a home, need assistance choosing which grill is the best fit for you, or just want a good meal...Bob is your man.

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