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Have you seen the Tiny Doors?!

I think you could live in Augusta your whole life and still learn something new about the area. With Augusta Rocks taking the CSRA by storm, we've learned about tiny doors, also known as fairy doors, that are located in downtown Augusta with others popping up in Columbia County! These aren't the kind of things you'll likely happen upon, so put on your walking shoes and head out to search for the fairy doors!

If you've never seen the courtyard next to the YMCA downtown you are missing out! It has a gorgeous waterfall with shaded benches to hang out and cool down. Under one of the wooden benches you'll find the first fairy door! The area around the doors changes all the time as seekers pick up the painted rocks that usually line them and replace them with their own creations. Don't forget to replace any rocks that you take with you. Pack a lunch and stay a while at this location!

Walking around in the heat of the summer can wear you out quick! If you need to stop for a drink or grab a meal you can head to Blue Sky Kitchen where you will find door number two on the side of the building. I bet you didn't know that fairys recycle! Peek around the greenery to find this cute little door. You never know when something extra could be added to the doors so it's probably a good idea to get out and check in on them periodically.

Door number three seems to be appropriately placed since it took someone with creativity to come up with this idea and implement it around town! Artsy Me is an awesome local business and a great place to end your fairy door hunting if you are looking for something creative to do with your family. See if you can find the 3rd downtown door as you walk past this store on Broad Street. I'm not sure tiny doors could get much cuter than this, complete with a potted plant. Pop in Artsy Me too find out everything they have to offer.

If you are looking for more there is a tiny door in Canterbury farms that has moved a few times so you may need to do a little searching to find it's new home. You can also check out Oakley Plaza on Belair Road for another door! We won't give you any more hints on those doors, so let us know when you find them! With the excitement of Augusta Rocks and Tiny Doors we have a feeling the doors will be multiplying around town.

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